The guitar's vibrations have resonated through my life leading me to parties, people and places. Play an instrument well, and it is easy to befriend, to find a path and go on a journey.

But the real world begs control - jobs, finances, and fear keep you from knowing who you can be - until you reach an age when you realise your time is limited.

So do what is right for you - I compose the music that comes to me - people respond to the emotions I portray - I cannot be more thankful.

Check out some tunes - watch a tutorial - leave a comment or like - come to a gig - I hope to enhance your day.


Inspired by Iron Maiden to pick up an electric guitar


Graduated from the London Music School

2000 - 2002

Guitarist with rock covers band – The Hoggz

2000 - NOW

Guitarist with folk band – The Bardic Army


Recorded solo acoustic album - Subtraction

2011 - 2014

Guitarist with originals acoustic rock band - Kubris

2014 - 2018

Writing and recording, raising children


Getting back on the scene playing solo gigs and festival stages